ASTR310, Fall 2013

Observational Astronomy

Textbook: Observational Astronomy (Second edition), c. 2006
by D. Scott Birney, Guillermo Gonzalez, David Oesper
Cambridge University Press

Class Information

Sample data for labs and observing projects

Lab 1: 300sec_m57_Ha.fits

The DS9 FITS-file viewer

You can look at your FITS files with a very useful program called DS9. On the Astronomy Department computers you will need load DS9 the first time you want to use it.  First, get to the command prompt and type:
source /astromake/astromake start
astroload ds9

After that you can type
whenever you need the viewer, until you log out.  You can download a free copy for your own computer from

Weather predictions for the University of Maryland Observatory

Thanks to The Clear Sky Chart web site, forecast for the Observatory with explanations.  The short answer: look for columns of blue squares!