Example Zpectrometer file locations at Green Bank

/home/gbtdata/AGBT06C_033_27       -- example of an active data directory; fits files should be 4737600 in size
/home/archive/science-data/tape-0025/AGBT06C_033_21    -- example of archived data directory

/home/astro-util/pointing/pcals4.0/pntKaband.cat   --   pointing catalog with names, positions, and fluxes.

/home/gbtlogs/Zpectrometer-Zpectrometer-BackendMonitorData/    -- correlator voltage and temperature monitor logs
/home/gbtlogs/Zpectrometer-Zpectrometer-PowerSupplyMonitorData/    --  power supply, tilt, and total power monitor logs

To see the parameters file during observing To monitor the Zpectrometer log during observing

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