Hi. I'm Krista Lynne Smith.

I am a finishing PhD candidate at the University of Maryland and a NASA Earth and Space Sciences Fellow at Goddard Space Flight Center. I primarly study active galaxies across the broad electromagnetic spectrum, using Swift, Kepler, and the VLA. I also have several smaller projects resulting from my X-ray survey of the Kepler and K2 Fields.

Here's all the stuff I do.

Here are some of my research projects!

Here are some of the ways I serve Astronomy!

Equity and Inclusion in STEM

I believe in increasing the participation and retention of women and minorities in STEM fields, especially astronomy!

Education and Public Outreach

I actively engage in public lectures, outreach projects for students and the public, and UMD Astronomy initiatives.

Review Panels and Committees

I participate in a wide array of departmental and NASA administrative offices to give back to my discipline.