My name's Trevor!  

This isn't a very good picture of me.  Well, it would be if the picture weren't so dark.  You can't really get a good look at my handsome face.  I'm much better looking in person!

These pictures were taken a week or so after the big President's Day snowstorm of 2003.  They kept all 40 of us horses inside for a week!  Silly humans...  Those of us whose stalls are close to a field got to go out a little.  I was one of the lucky few but then I have connections!


Here I am with one of my best friends - the Hay Bale!


I look pretty darn handsome in this picture, don't 'cha think?  If only that dirt weren't in the picture...


Yeah, well wait till you get to be my age (nearly 17) and I bet you'll lose your figure too!


I've been posing for thirty minutes now.  Where's my Fig Newton?!?!