ASTR 101 Spring 2016 Professor: Dr. Lee G. Mundy               Office:   CSS 0205 or PSC 1162
Phone:       (301) 405-1529                     Email:   astr101
and add (at-sign) astro.umd and .edu
Office Hours: Monday 9-10 am,   Tuesday 1-2 pm,   or by Appointment

This class has 6 TAs who are assigned to sections. See TA information
for their contact information and office hours. See section information if
you do not remember who your TA is...

Times, Places and Books:

Lecture Times: TuTh 11:00 am to 12:15 pm         Lecture Room: Physics Lecture Hall -- PHY 1412
Discussion Room:   CSS 2400 for Sections 01-08,   CSS 2428 for Sections 09,10
Lab Room:   CSS 1109 for all sections
Discussion and Lab Times:   See Section information
Required Text:   The Cosmic Persepctive Fundamentals by Bennett et. al.
Required Lab book:   Experiments in Astronomy by Blitz and A'Hearn

Important Class Information:

The University of Maryland ELMS site is your primary source for course e-information. Announcements, lecture slide sets, homeworks, homework solution sets will be placed on ELMS . Your grades for completed work are available in ELMS. The basic class documentation can be found from the links below, as well as on ELMS .

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