Date Topic Notes Reading Homework
January 27 Introduction, course overview, cosmological principles pdf Chpt. 1
29 Coordinate systems, basic equations of cosmology
February 3 Evolution equations, FRW models
5 FRW models, continued pdf
10 Distances, ages, and times HW 1 [solutions]
12 Distances, ages, and times, continued pdf
17 (Snow day; no class)
19 The need for Dark Energy pdf
24 The first second of the Universe's history
26 Big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) HW 2 [solutions]
March 3 BBN, continued pdf extra notes
5 (Snow day; no class)
10 Midterm review pdf
12 Midterm examination exam [solutions]
Spring break
24 The Cosmic Microwave Background pdf
26 The Cosmic Microwave Background, continued pdf HW 3 [solutions]
31 Cosmological structure formation pdf
April 2 Cosmological structure formation, continued pdf
7 (Power failure; no class)
9 Statistics of dark matter halos;
N-body simulations
14 Four problems of hot big bang model pdf
16 Inflation pdf HW 4 [solutions]
21 Dark Matter pdf
23 Dark Matter, continued pdf
28 Galaxy formation pdf
30 Galaxy formation pdf
May 5 Galaxy formation pdf
7 The future of cosmology pdf
12 Final review pdf extra notes
19 Final Exam (1:30pm — 3:30pm)

Textbook: An Introduction to Modern Cosmology (second edition), A. Liddle

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