ASTR121 - Spring 2004

Introduction to Astronomy

Class Information

Class syllabus, in HTML, postscript, and PDF.

Outline of class, in postscript and PDF.

Homework assignments, in postscript and PDF.

  • Prof's Office Hours (in CSS 1239): Most days after class, or by appointment.

    FINAL GRADES: University interpretation of Federal privacy law effectively forbids the posting of final grades by the professor. You may obtain grade information directly from the University, through Testudo.

    FINAL EXAM: Thursday, May 13, 8:00-10:00 AM, CSS 2428
    The final is cumulative.

    Material to Help You Out

    NEW!! Practice quantitative problems, in Postscript and PDF.

    NEW!! Text notes for selected classes. These don't include any figures or images I may have shown.

    Websites for both ASTR 120 and ASTR 121

    SETI The search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
    SETI@home Download the screen saver that lets your PC join in the search for extraterrestrial life.

    HD177830 b and Moon
    Copyright © Lynette R. Cook, All Rights Reserved, Used with Permission.