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What is COMB?

Comb is the spectral line reduction package for single-dish radioastronomy developed by the radio astronomy group at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Using comb, one can reduce and display spectra, make contour maps of data, and a host of other cool operations. Comb is flexible, easy-to-use, has been ported to many architectures, and installed at over 20 astronomical institutions.
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* What's New with COMB?

Oct 17, 2000
New version 2000.2. Commands gt  and sq  have been upgraded. Get it here.
Aug 28, 2000
Minor patch to InstallComb script to force gtar to extract the files as the current process owner.
May 15, 2000
Comb How To guide (above) back on-line. Thanks, Tom!
May 11, 2000
Minor modification to install script ensure environment is robust.
February 24, 2000
Minor patch to Comb 2000.0 fixing bug where you could not set the FITS "OBJECT", "TELESCOP", or "BUNIT" keywords when making a map or writing out a FITS file. New version is now 2000.1.
January 04, 2000
Release version of Comb 2000.0 is now available. It is of course Y2K compliant. There are several new features and a new painless install method. The new install has been tested under the following operating systems:

* How to Get and Install COMB

Comb comes as a self-extracting tar/csh script. This replaces the previous separate tar distribution. Get the file InstallComb2000.2 (anonymous ftp). Make it executable, then run it. The script will extract the source code from itself, compile, and install. You'll be asked a few questions along the way and a status report will be generated at the end indicating success or failure. If you have previously installed comb, the script will detect your old installation and save it before installing the new version.

* Feedback

If you have any further questions, comments, bug reports or have trouble with any links from this page, please drop us a line. Send email to Marc Pound or Bob Wilson.

* Register as a COMB site

If you download the comb tar file, please register as a comb site. This will guarantee you get updates to the source code and announcements.

The maintainers and distributors of comb are Robert W. Wilson and Marc W. Pound. The current distributed version is 2000.2.

This document was last updated on 27-Feb-2006