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# Date Topics Reading Homework
1Th Aug 30 your place in the universe (the center!); a few words about ancient cosmologies; the nature of science; also familiarize yourself with the syllabus and do Participation #1 Ch. 1Participation #1
2Tu Sep 4 some basic astronomy history; distances, angles and all that: a new perspective? Ch. 2  
3Th Sep 6 more history; the cosmological principle; parallax; Ch. 2  
4Tu Sep 11* fiat lux; Doppler shift becomes red (and blue) shift; Ch. 3  
5Th Sep 13 more Doppler; spectra; heat & light; blackbody radiation; astrometry Ch. 3  
6Tu Sep 18 "slippage day" the distance ladder; the scale game; peculiar velocities; proper (transverse) motion Chs. 1-3 
7Th Sep 20 Kepler and Newton return Ch. 4HW #1
8Tu Sep 25 Newton continued; binding energy; escape velocity; if gravity is so weak, why is it so important in cosmology? proper motion Ch. 4 
9Th Sep 27 TEST 1 on Chs. 1-3: bring pen/pencil and brain (no calculator; no texts; no cheat sheets, etc)
10Tu Oct 2 escape velocity; circular velocity; Olbers' paradox; is gravity a real force? inertial frames of reference (and non-inertial ones) galaxy morphology Ch. 4  
11Th Oct 4 galaxy construction: spirals, ellipticals and all that; disks and haloes (one kind of halo); differential rotation and density waves; rotation curves and the need for dark matter Ch. 4  
12Tu Oct 9 galaxy clusters and the need for dark matter; WIMPs, MACHOs and MOND Ch. 4  
13Th Oct 11 redshift revisited; cosmic web structure revisited; cosmic microwave background; "Hydrogen, Helium and everything else=metals" Ch. 5  
14Tu Oct 16 More about the CMB Ch. 5  
15Th Oct 18 Mass tells spacetime how to warp and spacetime tells mass how to move! Ch. 6  
16Tu Oct 23 Special relativity - time dilation Ch. 6 HW #2
17Th Oct 25 Special relativity - length contraction Ch. 6  
18Tu Oct 30 Hurricane Sandy!
19Th Nov 1 TEST 2 on Chs. 4,5 and 6.1-4: bring pen/pencil and brain (no calculator; no texts; no cheat sheets, etc)
20 Tu Nov 6

General relativity; warping space and time... Ch. 6  
21Th Nov 8 black holes and quasars; Schwarzschild radius; Einstein's GR equations Ch. 6  
22Tu Nov 13 more about black holes; Friedmann equation (getting expansion right!), dark energy Chs. 6-7 HW #3
23Th Nov 15 Friedmann equation: who's dominant when? Ch. 7 HW #3
24Tu Nov 20 TEST 3 on Chs. 6.4-5,some of 7: bring pen/pencil and brain (no calculator; no texts; no cheat sheets, etc)
--Th Nov 22 Happy Thanksgiving!
25Tu Nov 27 photons, atoms and the CMB revisited Ch. 8  
26Th Nov 29 The whole shebang, and the earliest few minutes... Ch. 10  
27Tu Dec 4 density is destiny Ch. 11  
28Th Dec 6 geodesics and curvature revisited Ch. 11HW #4
29Tu Dec 11 Putting it all together Ch. 11-12  
--Mon Dec 17 FINAL EXAM 10:30 am - 12:30 pm in our usual lecture room CSS 2400 (to be confirmed) on Chs. 1-11

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†"Slippage Days" are used to make sure we're on track - any extra time is used to allow students to ask any questions during classtime.

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