GEOL288A: The Natural History of and Astronomy in Arizona


College Park Scholars - Science and Global Change and Science Discovery and the Universe
University of Maryland, College Park
Spring Break, Friday 13 March - Sunday 22 March 2020

College Park Scholars Science and Global Change and Science Discovery and the Universe programs announce a Spring Break excursion to the natural history of and astronomy in Arizona. In ten days, experience the diverse geology, zoology, botany, astronomy, and archaeology of this spectacular state. Planned destinations include the Sunset Crater Volcano, Meteor Crater, the ruins of Wupakti and Walnut Canyon, the saguaro forests of the Sonoran Desert, the unique Chiricahua biome, Petrified National Forest Park, and the ultimate Geology field site - the Grand Canyon.

Planned itinerary includes:

Credit and eligibility: Participants get one credit for Geology 288A Field Geology free of additional tuition. Limited to full time UMCP undergraduate students.

Cost: Program cost is estimated to be $1000.00, not including airfare. This covers vehicles, hotels, most meals. A group airfare rate will be arranged by the program. We expect it to be roughly $600. Air fare is separate from the program fee. The total program fee is therefore estimated to be $1600. (Students will need an additional $150 (approximately) to cover the cost of the remaining meals and other money to cover any personal expenses and souvenirs.)


  • Signups are first come first served. Until December 2nd, nine slots are reserved for SDU, nine for SGC. After December 2nd, remaining slots are available to all undergraduate students at College Park with priority given as described below. Your slot will not be guaranteed without the full deposit. We will maintain a waitlist.
  • To guarantee your slot, an $800 deposit (check payable to the University of Maryland) is due by 3 pm December 2, 2019 Extended! Three slots left! to Susan Lehr in the Astronomy Business Office (PSC 1117) after you have completed the online application form (link below).
  • The deposit is only partially refundable until plane tickets are purchased (shortly after fall final exams); after plane tickets have been purchased only the difference between the plane ticket price and the deposit is refundable.
  • Full payment of the balance (estimated at $800 - amount TBD by December 2nd) 2nd payment check for $700 (payable to the University of Maryland) is due by 4 pm Tuesday, December 10, 2019 to Susan Lehr in the Astronomy Business Office (PSC 1117). A final payment will be determined once airfare costs have been determined - it is likely to be less than $100.
  • All payments are fully refundable if the program is canceled prior to plane ticket purchase.
  • All payments are partially refundable if the program is canceled after plane ticket purchase.

Number of Students is limited to 18 total.

First priority will be given in the order in which applications are received from students and alumnae of the Science Discovery and the Universe and Science and Global Change programs of College Park Scholars. In the event all 18 slots are not reserved, second priority will be given to other Scholars students and Astronomy and Geology majors; contact us for details.

Questions? Contact one of the following:

Thomas Holtz 1216 Centreville Hall, (301) 405-4184; John Merck 1218 Centreville Hall, (301) 405-4379; Alan Peel 1217 Centreville Hall, (301) 314-9476

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photo credits: Tom Holtz, Alan Peel, John Merck

Page last updated: November 2019