Dr. Peel's Fall 2015 Office Locations (NB: plural) and Class Specific Office Hours

Please do not be intimidated about coming to office hours (especially you frosh!). Mine or any other class you have. We lecturing types hold them for you to drop in WITHOUT warning and engage us in discussing and learning. I have been surprised more than once how reluctant you are to "bother" us. Please understand we'd rather you bother us and sort out your learning track than for you to cry out in the wilderness of confusion. And be assured, if you don't understand something, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY NOT ALONE. So feel free to ask that question right then and there in class, too. It's what class is for, really.

Warning! There are (at least!) three locations I use for office hours. I teach A LOT of classes. Note that my office hour availability is generally tied to which class you're taking. So, if you show up to an hour "slated" for another class, you may very well have to wait while I deal with other students. Nonetheless, I am well aware that you might not be able to make the "official" office hours tied to your class, so you can "invade" the other ones. A heads up (in class, by email) that you're doing this is always welcome.

With sufficient advance notice, I can make appointments to meet at a different day, a different time and/or (in a pinch) a different place. I will try my best to warn you in advance if during the semester I can't make the regular hours listed below. I am extremely reachable by email for administrative and personal issues, but NOT for content related questions. I encourage you to post your head-scratching problems with the material on the relevant class discussion board.

In general, I really hope you feel comfortable coming to office hours. I don't bite. Much. And if I can help you understand something I mangled in lecture, all the better.

Class: Office: Day/Time:
The Science and Fiction of
Planetary Systems
PHY 1310 MF 10-11am
Physics of Musics
PHY 1310 T Th 11am-noon
CPSD101 Frosh SDU Colloquium
CPSD200 SDU Soph Colloquium
Centreville 1217 See the SDU calendar


Physics office: Physics 1310

Physics students can find me by leaving the lecture hall and entering the VERY LONG hallway, but immediately turning right at the first branch.

Keep in mind, Physics 131/132 students should mainly take advantage of the Course Center (Physics 0208) whose hours will be posted soon. My colleagues and I hold those hours specifically so you can interact with us AND with other students in your class while you puzzle through the homework, etc. Nonetheless, I will hold one actual "hour" in 1310 for you, of particular use in dealing with personal or administrative things.

Astronomy office: CSS 1247

The map link is provided primarily for students in my physics and Scholars classes. Physics 131 has the insanely useful/helpful Course Center and anyone can help you there just as much as I can. Astronomy students shouldn't have much trouble finding this office!

SDU office: Centreville 1217

If you're an SDU student, you know where this is already; if not, and you've made an appointment to see me at my other office in Centreville Residence Hall, call me at x49476 (301-314-9476) when you're about to come over. You can also use the gray callboxes by the building doors to call extension 49476.

Last Modified: Sep 2015 subject to change