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Science, Discovery and the Universe
Virtual Academic Showcase 2020

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This year's SDU Virtual Academic Showcase was a success! On May 1st, 2020, over 50 sophomores presented their capstone work in a Zoom session with eight breakout rooms and several VIPs visited along with our freshmen. This was our first and possibly last virtual showcase (due to campus lockdown). To see the different projects, click on any breakout room number in the above menu. Posters have contact information for the poster authors if you want to email them with followup questions or job offers!

We celebrated, even in the age of coronavirus, the achievements of our SDU sophomores who: gave back to their communities with service learning capstones; who learned advanced research skills in humanities or science; who broadened their horizons and created opportunities by doing internships; who followed their passions and did independent research projects; who went beyond coursework and put in many hours to understand the world at a deeper level.

The breakout rooms above are deliberately organized to show a mix of capstone types. During our showcase, visitors entered the corresponding breakout rooms in Zoom while clicking through to the relevant number above look at those posters while chatting with our sophomores.

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