Study Advice

To successfully complete this course you will need to come to each class prepared by reading, review, and completion of out-of-class work. About 10 hours per week will be needed for a "C" grade, although some students will need more and some will get by with less.

This course is about learning astrobiology. If you focus on learning then the grades will follow. Here are some learning strategies used by former successful students in this course. Please follow them.

  1. Come to all class meetings on time and prepared.
  2. Take copious notes. They will be your best guide in study. (Copious means a few pages per class meeting. Notes means just that, not copying drawings made or words written by the instructor.)
  3. Complete all assignments promptly. This will help you avoid the temptation of rote memorization, a sure pathway to failure.
  4. Review often.
  5. Read ahead in the textbook.
  6. When the instructor suggests doing something, then do it. If it is recommended that you do an experiment, team up with someone and complete it. If a computer program or exercise is available, jump right on it.
In short, to learn astrobiology, and to fully experience the fun of the subject, you can't just assume the role of a sightseer. You must be an active participant.