My thesis investigates the connections between star formation feedback and gas kinematics over a range of physical and star formation rate scales. I combine multiwavelength observations spanning from the radio to optical to study the multiphase effects of stellar feedback on the ISM of nearby galaxies.


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Spring 2020 ASTR 121: Introductory Astrophysics II - Stars and Beyond Teaching and Lab Assistant
Fall 2019 ASTR 120: Introductory Astrophysics - Solar System Teaching Assistant
Spring 2014 PHYS 141: Introductory Mechanics Preceptor
Spring 2013 MATH 100, 100AX: Prep for College Algebra Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
Fall 2012 MATH 100, 100AX: Prep for College Algebra Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
Spring 2012 MATH 100, 100AX: Prep for College Algebra Lead Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Fall 2011 MATH 100, 100AX: Prep for College Algebra Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Students Mentored:

Lauren Cooke May 2020

Summer 2019
Senior at Washington, DC area high school
Now: Undergraduate at Harvard University
Brandon Davey January 2020 — GRAD-MAP Winter Workshop Undergraduate at the University of South Florida
Nathnael Feleke Summer 2019 — GRAD-MAP Summer Scholars (co-mentor)

January 2019 — GRAD-MAP Winter Workshop
Undergraduate at Montgomery College - Takoma Park
Now: Undergraduate at Florida Institute of Technology
Aurora Cid January 2018 — GRAD-MAP Winter Workshop Undergraduate at CUNY College of Staten Island
Natalia Ramírez Vega January 2017 — GRAD-MAP Winter Workshop Undergraduate at the University of Costa Rica & Fidélitas University


I am involved with GRAD-MAP (Graduate Resources Advancing Diversity with Maryland Astronomy and Physics), which pairs undergraduates from historically black colleges and universities, minority serving institutions, and community colleges primarily from the mid-Atlantic region with a mentor in either the UMD astronomy or physics departments. During the winter break, these students attend a ten-day Winter Workshop, where they learn Python, work on a research project with their mentor(s), and learn information and resources to help them apply for graduate school. For the past four years, I have served as a research mentor for a student. For the past three years, I developed the student's project independently and also assisted with some of the professional development during the Winter Workshop. In the summer of 2019, I was a co-mentor for a student in GRAD-MAP's ten-week Summer Scholars program.

Prior to coming the the University of Maryland, I worked in education and public outreach at NOIRLab (formerly NOAO) in Tucson, AZ as the lead student for two years. I ran programs for schools and classrooms, developed activities and materials, organized teacher workshops, published a monthly newsletter, wrote and recorded a bi-monthly podcast, coordinated the translation of materials, and ran a social media site. I was also one of the key developers for the UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 Quality Lighting Teaching Kit, which has been distributed to partner organizations worldwide. I was also a character in two installments of NOAO's comic strip "Tales of the Modern Astronomer", which have been featured at AAS conferences and on the covers of past NOAO Newsletters!


Department of Astronomy
University of Maryland
1113 PSC Bldg. 415
College Park, MD 20742

Office: ATL 1227