Ancient Philosophers Assignment

Boatman Anaximander
Conley Anaximenes
Consroe Pythagoras
Jain Xenophanes
Karlin Heraclitus
Krimmel Eratosthenes *
Leibowitz Parminedes
Madsen Zeno of Elias *
Marceno Leucippus & Democritus **
Morsberger Aristotle
Ness Aristarchus of Samos *
Owens Protagoras
Proimos Hipparchus *
Sacks Philolaus
Schnetzler Anaxagoras
Teichman Epicurus
Teodosescu Plato
Urbanski Thales
Yue Empedolces
Zhou Zeno of Citium

The book is more concerned with the piety of the individuals and how this worked for them in their society, whereas we are more concerned with the details of their physical world models. So: dig beyond what is in the book. For a few philosophers, only a little is known. For some (esp. Plato and Aristotle) far too much is known. Concentrate on the essentials! - there won't be time to discuss all of Plato (there are entire courses devoted to that).

* When it comes to physical cosmology, these are glaring omissions of the book. There is plenty of information out there on these guys.

** These two are often treated as one; get to their atomistic ideas and don't sweat which one gets the credit.

Let me know ASAP if you're not on this list and should be.