ASTR 622: Cosmology - Spring 2010

    Prof. Stacy McGaugh
    office: CSS 1251
    phone: (301) 405-7897
    office hours:
    M 4-5pm, W 3-4pm

    Class meetings
    CSS 0201
    TTh 2-3:15 PM

Suggested Texts

Cosmological Physics
J.A. Peacock

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology
A. Liddle

Course News

Please refer to the new website.

There is a good correlation between assignments graded by the different instructors and the separation between final grade boundaries is clear.

Course Links

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Debate Project
Review Literature

Suggested topics for talks.
Useful Links

ADS (the NASA Astrophysical Data System), an excellent way to search the literature.
arXiv e-print archive (astro-ph). Most astronomy papers appear here first as preprints.
Level 5, an Extragalactic Kowledgebase at NED.
LAMBDA, NASA's one-stop shopping for CMB data.
Galaxy Evolution modeling.
Astronomical Magnitude Systems.
All you ever wanted to know about the sun (and then some).

Cosmic Perspective