Written reports are due Wed 24 April.
Be sure to make enough copies (14) for everyone!

ASTR 688 Talks
Mon 4/17The Lambda-CDM paradigm
McGaughDiscussion of Ostriker & Steinhardt
Mon 4/22 The Cosmic Time-Scale
ShettyThe Hubble Constant
Kuzio de NarayAge Constraints from Globular Clusters
MurrinThe Thorium Cosmochronometer
Wed 4/24Mass Content
VernaleoLarge Scale Structure Constraints
HagueCluster Baryon Fractions
ChapmanOmegab from Deuterium
Mon 4/29 Geometry & Lambda
KnightObservations of Type Ia SN
GultekinBoomerang CMB Observations
WalshOmegaL from Gravitational Lensing
NalbantX-Ray Cluster Temperature Evolution
Wed 5/01Do we know the Answer?

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