Directions to our place

From I-83 exit onto Northern Parkway (East). Merge onto Northern Parkway and swing all the way left - you want to turn left on Falls road, which is the first real light (there is a light immediately as you exit the ramp, but you can't get to it and don't want it - it is only for re-entering 83).

So: 83 -> Northern Parkway East -> left on Falls Road.
Proceed up Falls for a bit until the first real light (Kelly Ave.). Turn left on Kelly, which takes you across a bridge over 83. After the bridge there is a bend to the right and a light for an amazing intersection with 4 options. You want to go straight (which is actually sort of soft right, so you should be in the right lane). A block later is another light (Smith Ave.) on which you turn left. Follow Smith along until you see a big sign on the right for Bonnie Ridge Apts. Turn right into the complex; at the top of the entrance ramp turn left. This is Bonnie Ridge Drive which winds around a long ways. Just keep following it until the end; we are the last entrance on the right.

This part is actually easier than it sounds.

Getting through Baltimore

Coming from the South of Baltimore on 295, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway:
Just stay on the BW Parkway into town, where it turns into Russel street. As you approach Camden Yards and just past the new football stadium, take the "exit" right for Martin Luther King Blvd. (This is also a route to parking for the Orioles which you don't want. The MLK entrance is a jog right then straight through a light which leads to a ramp which spirals around to insure disorientation.) Follow MLK for a mile or so. Near its end most of it splits left onto Howard street; immediately before this you want to turn right on Chase street (follow "to I-83" signs). This happens after a bend to the right so is a bit obscured until the last moment. MLK is the wiggling heavy green line in the lower left part of the map. The turn onto Chase occurs near the 5th Regiment Armory. (which happens to be labeled on the map). After you turn right on Chase there is almost immediately a fork; bear left. Go as straight as you can (which involves a couple of notable veers leftwards.) After you cross the tracks for the Light Rail, get in the middle lane and continue straight. After a few lights this becomes the entrance ramp for I-83 North. Take 83 4 or so miles North to the Eastbound exit onto Northern Parkway, then follow local directions above.

This part is about as hard as it sounds.
You can of course call us if you get hopelessly lost, but there are two easy recoveries from downtown Baltimore. One is to simply follow signs for I-83 until you manage to get onto it northbound (usually the only option since it starts right downtown). The other is to go north on Charles Street, the major N-S surface street. This will eventually hit Northern Parkway (turn left, go to Falls Road, where you'd turn right). Also, if you start far enough south, northbound Charles has a (left-side) entrance onto 83 right accross from Penn Station. Charles is the heavy green N-S line in the middle of the map (called Light St. at the bottom of the map). Near the Walters art Gallery (which is right on Charles), Charles splits briefly to go around a big pillar which is a monument to George Washington (a handy landmark).