Directions to our place

From Flint, go South on 23 to Toledo, turn left on the Ohio Turnpike. (If you begrudge the $3.20, you can also take Rt. 2 along the coast of the lake. This takes a bit longer.) As you approach Cleveland from the West, exit the Ohio turnpike onto I-90 where it splits off from the Turnpike.

Take I-90 into downtown Cleveland. The tall buildings will loom up very close. Shortly (a 1/2 mile or so) after you pass the baseball stadium (Jacob's feild: go tribe), Exit onto Carnegie. You can only turn right at the top of the entrance ramp; this is the direction you want to go. Take Carnegie all the way through Cleveland and into Cleveland Heights.

You basically just want to stay on Carnegie until it turns into Euclid Heights at the border of the city, in the vicinity of University Circle. This is the only potentially confusing spot (center of map). Just go as straight as you can, and you'll come out in the right place. Though the map does not make it look so, Carnegie is as major a street as Cedar, which parallels is to the south. If you miss the Carnegie exit from I-90 you can also take the next exit, Chester (US 322). This also takes you to the same spot at University Circle. Carnegie, Cedar, and Chester all sort of run together at University Circle, and the most likely thing to happen is for you to end up on Euclid Heights like you want. This is the one darker green road running to the right of the center of the map. If you succeed in getting on it, you will pass the University Circle RTA stop (both light rail and bus stop, right at the red rail lines marked on the map) and then be going up hill. At the top of the hill, there is a fork in the road. Take the left fork for Euclid Heights; the right fork becomes Cedar.

Continue along Euclid Heights (you'll be coming up from the bottom left corner of this map). Pass Coventry (the most major intersection you will encounter). Caitlyn's elementary school will be on your right after you cross Coventry. Take the first right after that, on Woodward. Turn left not immediately, but just after the stop sign. We are 6 or 7 houses from the corner.

Close inspection of the map will show that Edgehill actually intersects Euclid Heights before I tell you to turn off of it. You can take Edgehill, but it is quicker to stay on Euclid Heights as I describe.

Also, note that if you take the wrong fork and end up on Cedar, you can take that past Coventry to the next light which is Cottage Grove. Turn left on Cottage Grove, and proceed along through the many stop signs until you get to Edgehill. Cottage Grove is the road orthogonal to Edgehill just to the East of our house, so from here you'd turn left. We are closer to the Parkway end of the block than the Cottage Grove end.

If you had taken Chester instead of Carnegie, you might come out of University circle on US 322 still, which become Mayfield. If so, turn right on Coventry (after the Park and cemetary on the left). Proceed through the light at Euclid Heights and take the next left, which is Edgehill. Edgehill jogs a bit at Parkway.