Like with any good paper, there are mistakes. Here are some addenda to Nuclear Rings and Mass Inflow in Hydrodynamic Simulations of Barred Galaxies: Piner, B.G., Stone, J.M. & Teuben, P.J. , 1995. ApJ 449, 508)
  1. Figure 2b is quite wrong. There will be a new one here shortly. Mike Regan noted this error.
  2. The pattern speed for the standard model is quoted as being 33 km/s/kpc, but our standard potential computes it as 35.3 km/s/kpc. [details follow if the model == potential]. Credit goes to Kartik for this one.
  3. In Figure 1: The omega-kappa/2, and notably it's peak, is slightly wrong in the center. The standard model (with k=2!) doesn't rise above about 70 km/s/kpc, not to over 80 as the figure suggests. I can credit this one to Kartik Sheth, and I blame myself for this one due to a sloppy SM macro. The nemo program rotcurves (written much later) does a good job on this. ALso the standard model is for n=1, whereas this figure was made for n=2.
  4. It has apparently been found (Kim et al, 2011) there is a sign error in the azimuthal force of the bar component.
Peter Teuben, 2-May-2011