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NOTE: The Fall 2015 schedule brings badminton back to the SPH (room 2101) gym: 9-11pm Tue, Thu, Fri (also: oct 24-25 8am-6pm) The students are going going to run their own club website, which will be posted here shortly. There is also a facebook club page, and since 2013 the badminton club is has a presence on OrgSync.
As always: you have to be a UMD member and you need to pre-register to play. Although not required, it is highly recommended to also subscribe to the badminton club mailing list, but there also appears to be another google based mailing list, where you can sign up from via the club web page.

University of Maryland Badminton Club

Badminton at the University of Maryland is a student operated and student funded sports club. Membership is open to all UMCP faculty, staff, students and alumni (this does not include spouses by CRS rules). There are quite a few local badminton clubs if you don't belong to the UMD community. The club only plays when classes are in session (fall, spring and summer, with typically a few weeks break inbetween) and we play in the SPH/North Gym (building 225) where we have 10 hardwood floor courts. The university has no fellowships in badminton. In the spring of 1998 the Eppley Rec Center (ERC) was opened, which will also have a new 8-court badminton gym. Currently open-rec badminton can normally be played on Saturdays 7-10pm and Sunday 10am-2pm on 2 courts (yes, we know, there are 8 courts in this gym, 4 of them brilliantly obstructed by heavy basketball contraptions, and usually 2 courts can be used for badminton, and 2 for another sport).

You can also play badminton during the open hours in the ERC building, but this is not Badminton Club associated. You might find some of us playing during these hours though. CRS is also organizing intramurals, in which badminton used to be played. Finally, the University also offers a credited class in badminton ( KNES 202).

The current officers are: (for general contact and informtion use


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