Note: as of January 28, 2007, the Majordomo mail server has been replaced by Listserv

Listserv list server for UM Badminton

We have setup a Listserv based list server, which all members should/must subscribe to. You can discuss badminton issues with your fellow members, sell your racket (but not your car :-) or get announcements about changed practice schedule, tournaments etc. The mailing list also gets archived, but only members can view their contents. You should feel free to discuss any badminton issues at hand, other campus organizations (e.g. other (sports) clubs, CRC, are not invited to participate in the discsussion, those should occur through other channels).

To subscribe, send the following message in the BODY of an email from your preferred email account to

	subscribe um-badminton Your Name
Unsubscribing would be to the same address, from the email account you registered at:
        unsubscribe um-badminton
and not to the actual list itself.

Once you have been subscribed, you can send your badminton discussions to the email address itself. And please, only badminton related discussions. You can sell you car someplace else.

The listowner can manage the account here