4-nov-2000: tri-match HOW-UVA-UMD at UMD

After a suggestion by UVa, we decided on a friendly TriMatch between the teams of the University of Virginia (UVA), Howard University (HOW) and University of Maryland (UMD) on November 4, 2000, in the North Gym at the University of Maryland. After a minor scheduling problem (the gym has been allocated to both the Womens Volleybal and the Badminton teams), we were able to setup the nets in Gym-2 and have Volleybal relocate their tournament in Gym-1.

The team compositions were:


Lei Zong		Hong-bo Fan		Johnita 
Jennifer Leon					Kristin Thelemaque
Yimei Wu

Ben Cheng		Vi Sieu Duong		Jermaine Reid
Tuan Vuong		Jason			Patrick Solemela
Jason House					Gareth 
Jason Mao					Daryl
						Tim Williams
We then played the following matches:
MS: Tuan (UMD)            Vs. Jason (UVA)              16-17, 15-7, 15-11.
MS: Jermaine (HOW)        Vs. JasonH (UMD)             15-11, 15-13.
MS: Daryl (HOW)           Vs. JasonM (UMD)             15-8, 15-13.
MS: Patrick (HOW)         Vs. Vi Sieu (UVA)            15-1, 15-3.
MS: Jason (UVA)           Vs. Patrick (HOW)            15-5, 15-11.
MS: JasonH (UMD)          Vs. Vi Sieu (UVA)            15-5, 15-2.

WS: Hong-bo (UVA)         Vs. Jennifer (UMD)           11-7, 11-4.
WS: Johnita (HOW)         Vs. Lei (UMD)                1-11, 11-1, 11-8.
WS: Kristin (HOW)         Vs. Yimei (UMD)              11-8, 11-6.
WS: Lei (UMD)             Vs. Kristin (HOW)            11-6, 11-6.
WS: Johnita (HOW)         Vs. Hong-bo (UVA)            11-2, 11-1.

MD: Ben/JasonH (UMD)      Vs. Daryl/Jermaine (HOW)     15-7, 15-5.
MD: JasonM/Tuan (UMD)     Vs. Danny/Gareth (HOW)       15-2, 15-3.
MD: Jermaine/Tim (HOW)    Vs. Jason/Vi (UVA)           15-11, 15-12.
MD: JasonM/Tuan (UMD)     Vs. Daryl/Gareth (HOW)       15-10, 15-7.
MD: Ben/JasonH (UMD)      Vs. Jason/Vi (UVA)           15-11, 15-11.

WD: Johnita/Kirstin (HOW) Vs. Hong-bo/Jennifer (UVA)   15-3, 15-11.
WD: Johnita/Kirstin (HOW) Vs. Lei/Yimei (UMD)          15-6, 15-4.

Final results:

    HOW:  9 / 14
    UMD:  7 / 13
    UVA:  2 /  9
Unfortunately we did not have time for mixed doubles, as the UVA team had to drive back to Charlottesville, and we all agreed getting some food from the Foodfactory was more important now.
teuben@astro.umd.edu (4-nov-00)