24-sep-2004: sibling UMBC vs. UMCP at UMCP

At had been a while that we had played a sibling match, and for this first match in the year several of the stronger players on both sides could not show up. We had a great match, despite that it may look a little lopsided (and we finally got a little bit of a revenge from the previous two losses!):

Played matches:

      UMCP team                         UMBC team

MD: Jing/Wei                            Lucky/Ethan         15-13,15-13
MD: James/Jason                         Mahesh/Mahesh       15-6,15-5
WD: Julia/Susanne                       Jean/Vasundhara     15-8,15-6
XD: James/Julie                         Lucky/Vasundhara    15-1,15-8
XD: Jing/Susanne                        Mahesh/Jean         15-6,15-1

Final score:  5-0 for UMCP

Here is a team picture.
Top row left to right: Jason, Ethan, Jing, Lucky, Mahesh, Mahesh, Vasundhara.
Bottom row left to right: Peter, Susanne, Jean, Julie, James.