4-dec-2005: Trimatch Hopkins-Howard-Maryland

Although we could potentially have had 5 teams, both Navy (yes Navy!!) and Towson could not make it in the end. So left were about a dozen player from each of Hopkins, Howard and the home team Maryland. A nice crowd for 9 courts.

Here are the team pictures:




We decided to play 3 mixed and 4 (genderless) doubles per team match, where each game won would be counted as 1 point. The winner would be the one with the most won matches between two teams. We would play a team round robin.

Match results:

1. Howard - Maryland:     0-7 

D1: Jonathan/Devan   vs.  Ben/Shizling             3-21
D2: Jerimaine/Ricardo     Chongmin/Minfey          8-21
D3: Atiban/Shannon        Hua/Bo                   4-21
D4: Johnita/Joyce         JingJingYi              14-21

M1: Jonathan/Raener       Ben/Kaiwan               2-21
M2: Davon/Mariel          Pervaze/JingYi          11-21
M3: Jerimaine/Crystal     Eric/Wei                10-21

2. Maryland - Hopkins:    1-6

D1: Ben/Shizling     vs.  Shaun/Mauktik           10-21
D2: Chongmin/Minfey       Hongbin/John             9-21
D3: Hua/Bo                Nikesh/Alex             11-21
D4: Wei/Kaiwan            Brendan/Paritosh        17-21

M1: Ben/Kaiwan            Hongbin/Peiying         12-21
M2: Chongmin/Wei          Shaun/Vera              21-15
M3: Eric/JingYi           John/Katrina            10-21

3. Hopkins - Howard:      7-0

D1: Shaun/Mauktik    vs.  Jonathan/Devan          21-5
D2: Hongbin/John          Jerimaine/Ricardo	  21-0
D3: Nikesh/Alex		  Atiban/Terry		  21-0
D4: Brendan/Paritosh      Jonita/Joyce            21-5

M1: Hongbin/Peiying       Jonathan/Raener         21-5
M2: Shaun/Vera            Davon/Mariel            21-7
M3: John/Katrina          Jerimaine/Crystal       21-3
Final results:
  1. Hopkins: 13 points
  2. Maryland: 8 points
  3. Howard: 0 points
Here are two more pictues from the day: gym view and table view.