21-apr-2007: UM (Invitational) Collegiate Tournament

Five teams from the area participated in this half day (2pm - 10pm) tournament. All players played a double elimination tournament in singles, doubles and mixed. At the end 3 points were assigned to the winner, 2 for the runner-up and 1 point to the two semi-finalists. Adding up these points resulted in rewarding a team trophy. The points were (TO BE CONFIRMED)
  1. UMCP : 17 points
  2. Johns Hopkins: 9 points
  3. Towson: 6 1/2 points
  4. UMBC: 1 1/2 points
  5. Loyola: 0 points
More interesting news is that these five teams all decided to setup a Collegiate League in the DC/Baltimore area

There are some pictures from the day available as well.