The Mid-Atlantic Badminton Tournament has been a USA Badminton Classic since 1991. Formerly known as the Middle Atlantic States Open, the Mid-Atlantic is one of an elite group of only five tournaments forming the Classic circuit. Classic tournaments receive prize money from USA Badminton and the national organization also helps negotiate key sponsorship. The tournaments are designated national team qualifying events; players hoping to earn positions on the U.S. national Badminton Team earn points when they compete successfully in qualifying events such as the Mid-Atlantic.

The predecessor tournament -- the Middle Atlantic States Open -- was guided for many years under the directorship of John and Pat Cornell. The tournament as conducted in a variety of locations, including the Germantown Cricket Club. In 1988 the tournament was moved to Bryn Mawr College. The same year, Dave Fehm took over the tournament director's position, assisted by Adrian Smith and many others. Due to a construction project lasting several years, the tournament had to find new locations to successfully host the event. For 2003 the tournament is proud to be back at the beautiful Schwartz Gym on the Bryn Mawr College campus for this year's prestigious event.

After having been at the Bryn Athyn campus for a number of years until November 2007 the 2009 Mid-Atlantic, moved back to the February timeslot and back to the Bryn Mawr gym. Due to renovations in 2010 the gym at Bryn Mawr was not available, and we have moving back to Bryn Athyn.

In 2011 we moved to the 8 court PAL facility in Parsipany, NJ, not too far from New York City, right off I80.

In 2013 we moved a few miles up north, in Montville.

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