UMD Badminton Club Registration

Please review and complete the following items to be a badminton club member:

  1. Every badminton club member must enter their vitals in the CRC Club Member Roster for Badminton (see also CRC Clubs, pick Badminton) in order to be eligable to play at the club. All members MUST fill this out. Select badminton, of course, and folllow the instructions in the Member Roster. You will need your UMD username/password to be entered in this system.
  2. Every club member must fill out the CRC Waiver Form. ( here is the 2012/13 PDF version). Or else, try our local version here Hand this form to the front desk in the CRC building, the building next to the badminton gym. You can also find generic ones off the Officer Information on the CRC Sports Clubs pages

    If you ever plan to drive to tournaments you will also want to find the Driver's Record and fill out those essentials, and leave this paperwork with the CRC.
  3. Bring your university of maryland id or alumni card to practice. YOU WILL NOT BE LET IN WITHOUT THIS CARD
  4. Subscribe yourself to our listserv mailing list. You can find details how to do this here. This is highly recommended, as you will hear about tournament, matches, and other local badminton events.

Also: each practice, there needs to be a record of all club members that played.

For this, we used to have a paper signup sheet. These days CRC is switching to an electronic system.

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