ok, why do i dislike mac's

I actually first liked them, i thought finally after all these years when MacOSX came out, Apple did a good symbiotic job of providing a stable core (but otherwise useless for people like me) and have the user community provide open source software that can be ported easily from unix/linux. Then reality sinks in:
  1. need to install xcode first
  2. fortran compiler: apple (C only), fink, hpc, macports. They don't mix well. care with $path

Some MacOS-X notes for linux efficionados

Some things on mac seem just harder than on linux.... well, at least if you've been using them for 10 years....:

MacOSX is almost unix , but.....

  1. it does not know the difference between a file named Foo and foo
  2. it decided to not use /etc/passwd, so you'll need to use tools like adduser?
  3. to be root or not? dragging a tool onto your desktop removes it for others to see. you'll need to make the equivalence of a symlink.