Linux on an AST M-series (M1560X) Laptop

My new (july 3, 1998) laptop is a refurbished one, an AST, M1560X. I was reasonably happy with my old AST J30, but a bigger screen (thus XGA was the only option for me) and CD player (15 hours of MP3 music from one CD for those long trips away from home are nice) were the main reasons to upgrade. I took advantage of JEM's basement (now outletzoo) program, they kept a detailed spec list on their web site, which I shamefully copied here. Note that AST also has a special going on, which gives the buyer 32Mb extra for free (but not for mine).

The bottom line: the machine basically works fine, PCMCIA, X-windows, CD-ROM etc. Only the APM is still giving me minor problems finding the right kernel and BIOS configurations that I am happy with.
Note: I sold this laptop July 2000 and won't be able to help much with problems.

Slackware 3.5

Installed with the "baseapm" boot disk and the "pcmcia" root disk, but then actually proceeded installing everything from CD ROM.

Nice Things

Awkward Things

Odd Things

I'm trying to figure these out and decide if they are good or bad, or if I'm actually understanding what is going one at all.
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 05:11:26 +0900 (KST)
From: kimbi 
Subject: Suggestions on AST M-series Laptop article


I got lots of hints on how to setup my laptop as I read your article.  
I suggest that you might want to add a few points for AST-M series 

        1. I use Samsung Sens600 and I guess this is an OEM modem from AST 
or AST got OEM from Samsung.  The appearances are exactly the same, and 
the machine specifications are identical - actually I discovered this fact 
as I was looking for ways to install X window on my system.  Every little 
detail is identical to what you mentioned on the page.

        2. I have an NE2000 compatible lan card and Linux doesn't 
recognize it as an ethernet card if I turn on the Plug&Pray feature at the 
BIOS.  I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how my eth0 got dead 
and I eventually found that turning this feature keeps the pcmcia card 
from being recognized.

        3. Speaking of setting X window, I solved this very simply - I 
added the following line


in lilo.conf

and buffer frame mode was enabled!  (Yey!)
I could boot the system with the nice penguine picture.  After I booted 
the lap this in this mode Xconfigurator recognized the video chip right 
away.  I just had to choose the resolution, which is 800x600 and my X 
window is using 16bpp color.

I am still a novice linux user and I still haven't figured out how to set 
up e-mail services properly on my machine.  But you can still reply to me 
at or


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