Since the ATNF version and the CARMA version of MIRIAD are being merged in the MIR5 branch, all of the issues below will be resolved.

    "2005" ATNF Miriad

    Here we list some important differences between the 2005 revived ATNF miriad version. We continue to work on making ATNF specific code available in version 4 of MIRIAD, but since there is no official CVS based code-sharing, so differences will remain. Most top level fortran programs can be ported with little or no change.

    1. directory structure. Some are subtle, others simply that all programs live in one giant directory
    2. keyroutines: there will be some subtle ways (they've added keyputc, keyinitc). we'll merge these. also has the advantage of a key interface for C as well as Fortran.
    3. uvmodel/planets
    4. handling of large (>2 GB) files
    5. they don't have bugv_c(), so low-level messages are not always dynamic
    6. CARMA/MIRIAD has been starting to use MAXDIM2, MAXANT2 etc. ATNF doesn't use these. This is now in a few top level fortran routines, but most are still compatible between MIR4 and ATNF.
    7. There may be come incompatibilty probelms for LFS between CARMA/MIRIAD and ATNF/MIRIAD. Most notably how integers items are read between Fortran and C.

    You could also visit the ATNF MIRIAD page.

    "2007" ATNF Miriad (RCS)

    During the Fall of 2006 the ATNF version of MIRIAD was revamped and put under RCS source code control. The intent of this was to align the (core) of the CARMA and ATNF versions of MIRIAD, which is currently underway. In the CARMA (CVS) version of miriad, the script $MIR/install/install.miriad.atnf encodes this process (which will frequently change) in the MIR5 branch of the CVS.