It is recommended to build miriad with the option telescope=carma, although this is currently set for 15 antennae. At some point in the future when the SZA array is added, another important change will be needed.

Updating MIRIAD

In the table below you will see the most important ones that relate to the commissioning phase of carma. A short reminder how to update your miriad version, all assuming CVS is used:
        mirupdate   (this is a relatively new script from $MIR/src/scripts)
or manually:

	cd $MIR
	cvs update
	mir.subs     [names of the changed files/routines in $MIRSUBS ]
	mir.prog     [names of the changed files/programs in $MIRPROG/*]

(Important) Changes to MIRIAD for the commissioning phase 2006

Where a "version" is listed, this is referred to as the data version as this is tagged in the miriad data by the online carma data filler, viz.
uvlist vis=data.mir options=var,full | grep version
UVLIST: version  30-jan-06
version :0.1.1                                    vsource :  0.00000


    mir.prog uvlist     now using 'time', not 'ut', to print out ALL time/ut columns
 	               (previously some tables were printing either, and in some datasets they are not the same)
    mir.subs var        added dazim,delev
    mir.prog uvcal      new option 'avechan'

    mir.prog xfcor      carma replacement for xcorf (pgplot based now)
    mir.prog varmap     debugging