CVS command cribsheet

    cvs -d login                     first time login
        (no password)
    cvs -d checkout miriad           checkout new code
        (or whichever module; add -Q flag if you want it very quietly)

    cvs --help-commands                                                                 some types of inline help
    cvs --help-options
    cvs -H  cvs-command
    man cvs                                                                             other types of help
    info cvs

    cvs -n -q update                                                                    check what is new and old
    cvs update [file(s)...]                                                             update changed file from server
    cvs commit [file(s)...]                                                             put your changed files back to server

    cvs add [file(s)...]                                                                tag a new file (or directory) for addition to CVS
    cvs remove [file(s)...]                                                             tag a file for removal from CVS

A note HowTo tag files so that ViewCVS shows merges from branches to main

 1) In current working directory, cvs update -r  
 2) make bug fix and checkin. cvs ci -m "bugfix" 
 3) tag file. cvs tag -rhbugfix--mo 
    (any name will do, just end it with -mo)
    date can be of the form 20040429 (yyyymmdd)
 4) update file from main.  cvs update -A 
 5) merge changes from branch. cvs update -j  
    NOTE: subsequent updates should take the following form:
    cvs update -j  -j  
    This will merge in those changes between the last time the file
    was merged(and tagged) to the present changes on 
 6) Now that the file is updated from the branch, check it in:
    cvs ci -m "bugfix" 
 7) Now tag for ViewCVS: cvs tag -rhbugfix--mi 
    The 2 tags should only differ by the last letter. 'o' for the tag
    on the branch, and 'i' for the tag on main.
 8) Check out results in ViewCVS.

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