installation notes using CVS

The notes below provided guidance to what we now refer to as the old-style install (the scripts). See miriad wiki for both old and new style installation guidance.
Installing miriad from a CVS release can be done as follows:

    unsetenv MIR        (just in case you had an old one running)

    cd /opt             (or whereever you want to root miriad)
    cvs -d  login
        (hit RETURN when prompted for a password)

    cvs -d  -Q co miriad
    cd miriad/borrow
    cvs -Q co wip
    cvs -Q co rad
    cd ../install
    cd ..
    source miriad_start.csh  (for csh and tcsh)
    source   (for sh and bash)
Any subsquent updates can be done via CVS also:
    cd $MIR
    ls CVS                          (this better show there is a CVS tree here...)
    cvs -n -q update | grep ^M      (this better show no matches)
    cvs -n -q update | grep ^U      (if this shows entries, you need to update)

    cvs update                      update the code
    mirboss                         become a miriad boss

to update the libraries/binaries, select one of:

    mir.install                     worst case scenario: re-install everything


    mir.install subs prog           near worst-case scenario

or if you know exactly the smallest amount of work to, e.g.

    mir.subs fitsio.for
    mir.prog fits.for

If you need debugging turned on,

    setenv MIRDEBUG 1

anywhere in this flow, and anything after that will be compiled in debug
mode. Intermediate .f files will be placed in $MIRLIB in case the debugger
needs the source (since our "fortran" .for are pre-processed).