Miriad on MacOSX -- installation comments

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Possible patches to watch out for:

  1. Modify $MIRLIB/Makefile and make sure the slib: depends on nothing and does nothing. The latest version should depend on slib_mac.
  2. on Kartik's 10.4 based laptop (no more fink, make sure /usr/local/bin in path) we found that the saveFP/restFP linking problem is removed by adding -lcc_dynamic (sep 2005). However, a year later, -lSystemStubs, was also needed for him. Go mac!
    	setenv Flinklib  "-lmir -llinpack -lpgplot -lX11 -lcc_dynamic -lSystemStubs -lm"
    	setenv Clinklib  "-lmir -llinpack -lpgplot -lX11 -lf2c -lcc_dynamic -lSystemStubs -lm"
    however, if your installation uses $MIR/bin/localsys/compile.darwin, you should change this file, not the
    src/sys/bin version !!!
    As per SMA instructions, you *may* have to make a symlink from /usr/lib/libcc_dynamic.a to the one in your /Developer tree !!!
  3. wip is also broken, I fixed it by changing line 586 in borrow/wip/makewip:
    	set f77lib = ( $f77lib -lg2c  ) 
    	set f77lib = ( $f77lib -lg2c -lcc_dynamic -lSystemStubs ) 
    After this, you can "mir.prog wip". This patch is now in CVS, but it might break for the next compiler change.

debugging cycle

In case your miriad did not compile or link properly, this is the series of commands to debug:
     1:   mirboss					# makes you a miriad administrator (the boss)

     2:   emacs compile.darwin                          # but be sure to edit the correct one (see above)
     3:   mir.subs fitsio                               # compile a simple subroutine, ensure it works, on error, goto 2:
     4:   mir.prog itemize                              # compile a simple program, on error goto 2:
     5:   mir.prog uvplt                                # compile a graphics program, on error goto 2:

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