NEW files for CVS MIRIAD

For the time being, here's a small log of new things added to the CVS archive, as of its creation. At some point "cvs log" or "cvs history" will be used to automatically create these logs
5-mar-2001	The 15-feb-2001 RCS archive snapshot converted to CVS
		(we didn't keep the whole RCS history though)

6-mar-2001	keyf.for key.c boxes.for		increased buffers to 2048 
		histo.for moment.for uvdecor.for	BIMASONG changes
7-mar-2001	old mosaic_*, xcorf files		old UMD changes merged in

11-mar		fits.for contsub.for ellint.for		sync w/ ATNF
		and a whoole bunch more....

12-mar		mossdi2, mselfcal, gfiddle,gapply	UMD/BSS updates
		velplotc (w/ static libforms)

13-mar		** linux binary release available ** (astromake based)
		[VERSION 3.0.0]

		nswc.for planet.for string.for		ATNF imports
		cgdisp.for clean.for gpboot.for, gperror.for
		gpscal.for mbanal.for mfplan.for psrfix.for 
		psrplt.for uvflux.for uvplanet.for varplt.for 

17-mar getbeam.for Berkeley miriad re-alignments imgen.for imhol.for uvspect.for uvmodel.for uvrandom.for pnt.for rmsfit.for atmos.for tac.for taco.for 18-mar posvel.for Berkeley programs added 28-mar (BIMA)atmos -> uvphase renamed for ATNF atmos.for 10-apr velplotc: some additions by ChinFei (in CVS !) 30-apr maxdim/maxdimc.h: default sizes more uniform for largish machines. 3-may gplist.for, ellint.for 9-may cals.fluxes (large update) 16-may ** linux binary release available ** (astromake based) made with gcc 2.95.3, on redhat 6.2 [VERSION 3.0.1] --- it's a little broken, don't use it, keep using 3.0.0
10-jun added rpfits support, so that linux builds (and presumably solaris too) can come with ATNF binaries for e.g. ATLOD 11-jun merged in some ATNF code for the C versions of mirlib upgraded pgplot to 5.22 (from 5.20) - /ps: shorter commands for setrgbcolor and setgray 14-jun removed VMS support from miriad :-) (*mar and *VMS.for) single pack.c for all unixes 15-jun added $MIR/install scripts, deprecating $MIR/local/install [VERSION 3.0.2] released 24-jun powerpc support (for linux) installed 5-jul added some missing scripts (mirds9, mosaical) 31-jul imhead bug fix (solaris mostly) 1-aug new astromake (V1.x) enabled, next release will be 3.1.0 10-aug added new program rotcurmask 20-aug added mir.y2k for the some DDT/Y2K tests 22-aug new velplotc from ChinFei (29jun01 version) 6-sep MAXDIM1=16384 defined and used in imsub, imgen and fits, MAXDIM=2048 8-sep put /XTERM and friends back in pgplot for linux 22-sep support for darwin (mac OS-X), including pgplot patches 17-jan-2002 cgdisp options=corner 19-jan updated numerous non-controversial ATNF subroutines/program, this is getting close to 3.0.3 29-jan fixed bug in cgdisp beam display (really a miriadB bug) 30-jan added nwide= to uvwide (experimental) 12-feb various fixes so miriad compiles with the intel compiler (mirbench runs about 30% faster !!) Install:: install.linux intel=1 14-apr updated some miriad/ATNF routines 24-jun-2002 [MIRIAD V3.0.4] (3.0.3 was a development cycle never released) The CVS release will now start with patches to support LFS (files > 2 GB) in stages. The final release, Miriad V4.x, will produce files that old MIR V3.x, cannot read in the default compilation mode. Use branch MIR4 if you want to beta-test. Image I/O works already, and as of Jan 16, uvio also works up to 8GB files. 10-aug imwcs (new program to mess with the WCS headers of an image) 21-sep WIP: fix longstanding bug reading mask files on linux 3-dec MAXDIM/MAXDIM2, MAXBASE/MAXBASE2, MAXANT/MAXANT2 now split for large single dimension arrays,and double arrays Some routines use a private MAXabc3 also. 11-dec fixed bug in WIP handling certain files with masks uvplt, uvlist use explicit initialization instead of DATA stmts apart from confirming this MIRIAD version works, this is now ready for release 3.1.0 16-jan-2003 MIR4: LFS for <8GB scratch files now works in the MIR4 branch 23-jan-2003 RAD has been added as optional module in MIR/src/borrow (much like WIP is) 23-feb-2003 MIR3 released as version 3.1.0, MIR4 now in development 27-feb-2003 MIR3/MIR4: bootflux, gfiddle bug fixes 3-mar-2003 MIR4: miriad_er (for ercmd) added from ATNF distribution, as well as a few others (doc_atnf, mirnewer, trim, tpcp, detab) 15-mar-2003 MIR4: python interfaces in $MIR/src/scripts/python 18-may-2004 MIR4: various improvements for wsrt data processing (in particular xtsys and ytsys system temperatures) xx-dec-2004 [4.0.3] released ; configure now has a --with-telescope= option
1-jan-2005 improved headio.c to really read int8's properly 4-jan-2005 imported massive amounts of ATNF/MIRIAD code