MIRIAD Work in Progress

Here we list some work in progress areas. See also the TODO list in $MIR
  1. CARMA: some overall fixing to make sure things work for 15 ants. Already tasks like listobs and gplist had to be modified. (nov 2005)
  2. CARMA is considering introducing 2 new uv variables: dazim(nants) and delev(nants). (nov 2005)
  3. 64 bit architectures have problems allocating their memory above MAXBUF. Possible solutions are using something like a -fdefault-integer-8 compiler flag, but this also needs some code changes, or assuming the linker can relocate common blocks (the intel compiler can). - nov 2005.
  4. SMA: various new routines. (2005)
  5. Overhauling the installation.
  6. Merging the ATNF and CARMA/SMA/WSRT/.. version