Alexandria, VA

Astro-Physics FastMax 235 (9.25") f4.3 Maksutov Newtonian

[screenshot of Astromart auction]

In Dec 2004, saw an interesting scope up for auction. Emailed Jerry the info just for a laugh because, well, I thought it was out of our league. But Jerry said "Bid on it!" and so I did... and we got it! That was the first shock!

This telescope even had a nickname "Fastmax", which was pretty daunting.

Elizabeth starts to open the box. The box is deceptively small. It was heavy and we were wondering what else had been packed in there!

The second shock was when it arrived and we tried to set it up for the first time. This scope was heavy! Although shorter in length than our AP refractor, it was far heavier. It took the two of us to set it up on the pier and mount. Of course, we quickly realized that the pier for the refractor was way too high for the mak-newt. So we had to get a new shorter pier.

The excitement is growing as Elizabeth gets ready to open the case.

What have we got ourselves into?

Elizabeth poses with FastMax.

Jerry's turn.

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