Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer

Hourly Dynamic Spectra: 2004 01 30

The frequency range is typically 20 (bottom) to almost 70 MHz (top of each panel).

These data have had narrowband interference removed but no background subtraction has been performed on these images, so the galactic background at low frequencies is present and the broad band of interference at 20-24 MHz is usually prominent.

Click on a panel to see a larger image (4 second resolution).

No data: 11-12 UT No data: 12-13 UT No data: 13-14 UT No data: 14-15 UT
11-12 UT12-13 UT13-14 UT14-15 UT
No data: 15-16 UT No data: 16-17 UT No data: 17-18 UT No data: 18-19 UT
15-16 UT16-17 UT17-18 UT18-19 UT
No data: 19-20 UT No data: 20-21 UT No data: 21-22 UT No data: 22-23 UT
19-20 UT20-21 UT21-22 UT22-23 UT
No data: 23-24 UT
23-24 UT