Green Bank Solar Radio Burst Spectrometer

Background-Subtracted Hourly Dynamic Spectra: 2012 06 23

The frequency range is typically 18 (bottom) to almost 70 MHz (top of each panel).
These data have had narrowband interference as well as background subtraction performed, so the galactic background at low frequencies is no longer present but residuals of the broad band of interference at 20-24 MHz are usually prominent.
Artefacts may include lightning (shows up as finite--width vertical lines) and broadband TV signals around 50 MHz reflected from sporadic E-layer ionization in the ionosphere (Green Bank is the best/worst place in North America for this phenomenon).
Vertical white lines (dotted lines on light curve) indicate local sunrise and sunset (to within 2 minutes).
Click on a panel to see a larger image (4 second resolution).

Light curve
No data: 10-11 UT No data: 11-12 UT No data: 12-13 UT No data: 13-14 UT
10-11 UT11-12 UT12-13 UT13-14 UT
No data: 14-15 UT No data: 15-16 UT No data: 16-17 UT No data: 17-18 UT
14-15 UT15-16 UT16-17 UT17-18 UT
No data: 18-19 UT No data: 19-20 UT No data: 20-21 UT No data: 21-22 UT
18-19 UT19-20 UT20-21 UT21-22 UT
No data: 22-23 UT No data: 23-24 UT
22-23 UT23-24 UT