Bruny Island Radio Spectrometer

Background-Subtracted Hourly Dynamic Spectra: 2012 10 16

The frequency range is typically 6 (bottom) to 62 MHz (top of each panel). Every 30 minutes 128 interference-free 30-kHz wide channels are identified covering this range and then sampled at 3-second cadence.
These data have had narrowband interference removed and background subtraction performed. Residual artefacts are generally still present, particularly at low frequencies.

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Light curve
No data: 18-19 UT No data: 19-20 UT No data: 20-21 UT No data: 21-22 UT
18-19 UT prev. date19-20 UT prev. date20-21 UT prev. date21-22 UT prev. date
No data: 22-23 UT No data: 23-00 UT No data: 00-01 UT No data: 01-02 UT
22-23 UT prev. date23-00 UT prev. date00-01 UT01-02 UT
No data: 02-03 UT No data: 03-04 UT No data: 04-05 UT No data: 05-06 UT
02-03 UT03-04 UT04-05 UT05-06 UT
No data: 06-07 UT No data: 07-08 UT No data: 08-09 UT No data: 09-10 UT
06-07 UT07-08 UT08-09 UT09-10 UT