Make a Suggestion to the EDI Committee

Important Information to Know Before You Submit a Suggestion

The Equity/Diversity/Inclusion (EDI) committee encourages suggestions which might improve the equity and inclusion climate in the Department of Astronomy.

Please note that the EDI committee is NOT to be used for reporting specific harassment or discrimination incidents. For such incidents, please see the UMD Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct website for:

  1. Free, confidential help options.
  2. Reporting options and obligations.
  3. UMD policies and procedures.

Additionally, the department chair welcomes and encourages reports, noting that the chair is a mandatory reporter and cannot promise confidentiality.

Note also that all members of the EDI committee listed below as faculty are mandatory reporters. Graduate students may be mandatory reporters for incidents regarding students in their classes.

How to Submit a Suggestion

Suggestions may be submitted via one of the following methods:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Contact one of the members of the committee shown below.
  3. Complete the anonymous google form provided here.

Members of the EDI committee for 2017-2018

Member Title Contact Page
Stuart Vogel Chair, Faculty Dept Page
Milena Crnogorevic Grad Student Dept Page
Junellie Gonzalez Undergrad Student Directory Page
Barbara Hansborough Staff Dept Page
Claire Hinrichs Undergrad Student Directory Page
Tess Jaffe Faculty (GSFC) Res Sci Dept Page
Ramsey Karim Grad Student Dept Page
Mike Kelly Faculty Res Sci Dept Page
Eliza Kempton Faculty Dept Page
Kris Laferriere Undergrad Student Directory Page
Laura Lenkic Grad Student Dept Page
Alyssa Pagan Staff Dept Page
Geoff Ryan Faculty Dept Page
Marcia Segura Faculty (GSFC) specialist Dept Page
Liz Tarantino Grad Student Dept Page
Teal Grad Student Dept Page
Jessica Wood Undergrad Student Directory Page