I am currently teaching Introduction to Astronomy (ASTR100)

Year Semester Course Semester Course
2008 Spring ASTR340 Fall ASTR310
2009 Spring ASTR670 Fall ASTR310
2010 Spring ASTR340 Fall
2011 Spring ASTR670 Fall ASTR310
2012 Spring Fall ASTR670
2013 Spring ASTR340 Fall
2014 Spring Fall ASTR610
2015 Spring ASTR670 Fall ASTR340
2016 Spring ASTR340 Fall ASTR340
2017 Spring ASTR670 Fall
2018 Spring ASTR100 Fall ASTR610


I work on many topics, primarily extragalactic. My main goal is understanding how galaxies, including our own Milky Way, came to be as they are today. That requires putting together knowledge from many astronomy branches such as cosmology, interstellar medium, star formation, and black holes. I am a multi-wavelength experimentalist and enjoy using many instruments, such as ALMA, the VLA, IRAM, CARMA, SOFIA, Herschel, HST, and JWST. My main tools, however, are millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths and interferometers such as ALMA.


Our three children keep my wife and I occupied. This flash animation is a composite of photos taken over a decade around New Year. Since 2000 my wife and I have photographed our children at the same spot, the front door of grandma's house in Montevideo, which we visit every year for Christmas (well, with a couple of exceptions). In the last few years my niece is also in the picture. It is amazing to see them grow up (Nico is now studying Aerospace Engineering at the University!). I update this every couple of years with new shots. You may have to click to start the flash animation in your browser.

Useful Links and Others

Some interesting links. Hopefully they will work!

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