ASTR 109 Sample Quiz (Hamilton)

The first quiz will be this Friday! Here are the types of questions that I am likely to ask you.

Answer the following multi-choice questions by circling the correct answer.

1. The light year is a unit of
A. time
B. distance
C. speed
D. weight
E. age

2. You write your home address in the order of street, town, city, country, and so on. Suppose you were writing your cosmic address in a similar manner. Which of the following is the correct order?
A. Earth, Milky Way, Solar System, Local Group
B. Earth, Solar System, Local Group, Milky Way
C. Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Local Group
D. Solar System, Earth, Local Group, Milky Way
E. Earth, Solar System, Local Group, Milky Way, Earth

3. How do you write 13 billion years (the approximate age of the universe) in scientific notation?
a) 13 x 10 x 9 years
b) 13 x 106 years
c) 13 x 109 years
d) 13 x 1012 years
e) 13 x 1015 years

Answer the following questions with one or two sentences and/or a sketch.

4. Draw a picture of the Milky Way seen from the side. Label the Sun's position. Roughly how many stars are there in the Milky Way?

5. Give two differences between a typical terrestrial planet and a typical gas giant.

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