ASTR 109 Tutorial #5 (Hamilton)

From the Astro-Files:
Fast Breaking Real Life Astronomy!

The inspector leaned back in her chair, idly twirled a lock of hair, and pondered. The burglary had occurred at midnight on a clear night. Three suspects had been rounded up and three statements taken.

Suspect A: "OK OK, I'll talk. No need to get rough or anything. I walked home across the park with a full Moon high in the sky lighting the way. I was home by 7:00pm and asleep by 10:30 - it couldn't have been me."

Suspect B: "It wasn't me Copper. I was at the club until 12:30am and then I went straight home. The Moon? It was a thin crescent just rising in the East. You got nothin' on me man, I know my rights."

Suspect C: "My friends were all at my place hanging out. We went out for some Pizza at midnight. You got a problem with that? The Moon was a thin crescent high in the sky."

The inspector smiled to herself as she recalled her ASTR109 training. That Prof (what was his name again?) had said that Moon problems were important, and now her knowledge of them had solved the case!

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