SOFIA Spectrometer Interfaces and Software

SOFIA optics back-calculation

This has nothing to do with the CASIMIR spectrometer, but here is an informed guess at the SOFIA optics and field of view in some detail (pdf, mcd, October 2004)

COBRA/SOFIA digital correlator description

A preliminary description of the mechanical and electrical properties and interfaces for the COBRA digital correlator system for SOFIA is available (pdf, December 2003).

Overview of software conceptual layout

Initial software scheme proposal (September 2002)

A proposal for the general software layout and a description of the backend task is here for review and discussion (Version 1, 10 Sept. 2002: pdf, msdoc). Original figures are in AutoCad format (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2).

University of Cologne writeups (January 2003)

University of Cologne writeups (March 2003)

Maryland Software Meeting, 20/21 March 2003, and aftermath

WASP spectrometer data pipeline

References for the spectrometer control, data reduction pipeline, and archiving software:

See also the general analog correlator page

KOSMA file_io communication protocol

The file_io protocol is a simple way for different tasks to communicate with each other through exchange files.


These references describe synchronization with SOFIA's chopping secondary mirror.

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