spaceman spiff Dr. Marc W. Pound
Research Scientist
Department of Astronomy
University of Maryland
College Park, MD USA 20742
Tel: (301) 405-1520
        Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy
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University Shared Governance

My Senate Spotlight
Senator for Research Faculty 2009-2011
Elections, Representation, & Governance Committee 2009-2011 (Chair, 2010-2011)
Senate-Provost Task Force on Non-Tenure Track Faculty 2012-2013  |  (Task Force report)
Faculty Affairs Committee 2012-2016
CMNS College Council 2016-2017
Senator for CMNS Professional Track Faculty 2016-2018
Senate Executive Committee 2016-2018
Chair, Elections, Representation & Governance Committee 2016-2018

CARMA Summer School

CARMA Summer School 2007 - 2014

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