Marc before a SOFIA flight

Dr. Marc Pound

Astronomy Researcher & Software Developer

Marc Pound is a Research Scientist in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Maryland. He is an expert in millimeter & submillimeter interferometry, in the dynamics of gas in star-forming molecular clouds, and in scientific software design and development. Marc has a long involvement in developing software to help astronomers do science: maximizing science return for users of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array; understanding observations of photodissociation regions and dust shells around young and evolved stars through user-friendly access to state of the art models, and in operations support of CARMA.

Marc received BA & MA degrees in Astronomy and Physics from Boston University. He then spent a few years as a radio astronomer at AT&T Bell Laboratories in the late 1980's. He got a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Maryland in 1994. After a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California at Berkeley, he returned to UMD as a faculty member in 1997.

Marc is also deeply involved in shared governance on campus, serving in the University Senate and on many university committees, and continues efforts for positive change in the academic lives of Professional Track Faculty.

Marc is also an active homebrewer and is crazy about Swing and Balboa dancing