Experimental scripts

The DCT scripts below are not extensively tested. Let me know if they work for you, and definitely let me know if they do not.

LMI Dithering

Generate a DCT/LMI dither macro. Requires Python 2.6 or later.

Supports a hexagonal or cross pattern. The scale of the pattern, filter(s), integration time(s), and number of positions are all configurable. It also provides estimates of the total integration and wall times. By default, a short SDSS r' context image is taken at the start and end.

usage: lmi-dither [-h] [-n N] [-g G] [--scale SCALE] [--offset OFFSET]
[--pattern {cross,hex}] [--subframe SUBFRAME] [--no-filter]
[--filters FILTERS] [--itimes ITIMES] [--no-alternate]
[--set {OH,OH-CN,OH-long,RC-BC}] [--no-context]
[--context-itime CONTEXT_ITIME]
[title [title ...]]

Generate a DCT/LMI dither macro.

positional arguments:
  title                 Image title.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n N                  Number of dithers; even is best for airmass matching
  -g G                  Number of dithers to group before changing filters.
                        Set to 1 to disable.
  --scale SCALE         Scale factor for offsets. [arcsec]
  --offset OFFSET       Absolute dither pattern offset (xi, eta).
  --pattern {cross,hex}
                        Dither pattern.
  --subframe SUBFRAME   Use this subframe number.
  --no-filter           Set to omit filter column.
  --filters FILTERS     Comma-separated list of filter names
  --itimes ITIMES       Comma-separated list of filter integration times, or
                        one time for all filters. [s]
  --no-alternate        Cycle through each step before each filter.
  --set {OH,OH-CN,OH-long,RC-BC}
                        Use a predefined filter/itime sequence.
  --no-context          Do not bracket with a context images.
  --context-itime CONTEXT_ITIME
                        Integration time to use for context images. [s]

Download: lmi-dither


Generates ephemeris files for DCT based on HORIZONS output. Requires Python 2.6 or later.

The new file names are generated from the originals, e.g., c2013x1.eph becomes c2013x1-dct.txt.

usage: horizons2dct-tcs [files...]

Generate ephemeris files for DCT/LMI from HORIZONS output.

Download: horizons2dct-tcs