Sylvain Veilleux
Sylvain Veilleux

Department of Astronomy & Joint Space-Science Institute

University of Maryland, College Park

We are always in search of outstanding and highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students in the area of AGN and starburst galaxies, as well as in astrophotonics (jointly with M. Dagenais - ECE). Interested students are encouraged to directly contact Prof. Veilleux for more information.

Current Research Group Members (2018)

- Joe Durbak: M.Sc. PHYS student; astronomical instrumentation, RIMAS, astrophotonics
- Pradip Gatkine (advisor, jointly with M. Dagenais - ECE): Ph.D. student; astrophotonics, CGM research, UV spectroscopy
- Jason Hinkle: Honors Thesis undergraduate student; AGN research, IFU spectroscopy
- Yiwen Hu (co-advisor, jointly with M. Dagenais - ECE): Ph.D. student; astrophotonics
- Weizhe Liu: M.Sc. student; AGN research, X-rays, UV-optical spectroscopy
- Meghna Sitaram: Honors Thesis undergraduate student; astrophotonics
- Robyn Smith (co-advisor, jointly with C. Reynolds): Ph.D. student; AGN research, X-rays
- Myra Stone: Ph.D. graduate student; AGN-starburst research, Herschel
- Shengjie Xie (co-advisor, jointly with M. Dagenais - ECE): Ph.D. student; astrophotonics
- Jiahao Zhan (co-advisor, jointly with M. Dagenais - ECE): Ph.D. student; astrophotonics

Former Graduate Students

- Edward J. M. Colbert (co-advisor; Ph.D. 1997, Industry)
- Arunav Kundu (co-advisor; Ph.D. 1999, Michigan State University, Research Scientist)
- Scott T. Miller (advisor; Ph.D. 2002, Sam Houston State University, Faculty)
- Rachel Gibbons (co-advisor; Ph.D. 2002, Vanderbilt University)
- David S. Rupke (advisor, Ph.D. 2004, Rhodes College, Associate Professor)
- Lisa Mazzuca (advisor; Ph.D. 2006, NASA/GSFC, Staff)
- Stacy Teng (advisor; Ph.D. 2010, Institute for Defense Analyses, Research Staff)
- Ashley Zauderer (co-advisor w/ S. N. Vogel, Alberto Bolatto; Ph.D. 2010, NSF Officer)
- Michael McDonald (advisor, Ph.D. 2010, MIT, Assistant Professor)
- Michael Koss (co-advisor w/ R. Mushotzky, Ph.D. 2010; Eureka Scientific, Research Scientist)
- Kory Kreimeyer (advisor; M.Sc. 2012, FDA, Maryland, ORISE Fellow)
- Alice Olmstead (co-advisor; M.Sc. 2012, Western Michigan University, Postdoc, education research)
- Hannah Krug (advisor; Ph.D. 2013, Private High School, Maryland, Faculty)
- Alex McCormick (advisor; Ph.D. 2015, University of South Florida, Faculty)
- John Capone (advisor; Ph.D. 2016, Oxford University, Postdoc)
- Jonathan Nikoleyczik (co-advisor w/ A. Kutyrev; M.Sc. 2016, University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. physics student)
- Tiecheng Zhu (co-advisor with M. Dagenais - ECE; Ph.D. 2016, Bloomberg, New York, Staff)
- Vicki Toy (advisor; Ph.D. 2017, PreciseTarget, Bethesda, Staff)
- Yang Meng (co-advisor with M. Dagenais - ECE): Ph.D. 2017; high-tech industry, New York, Staff)

Former Postdocs and Research Scientists

- Dong-Chan Kim (2004-08; NRAO, Staff)
- David S. Rupke (2004-08; Rhodes College, Associate Professor)
- Ben Weiner (2005-06; University of Arizona, Associate Research Scientist)
- Margaret Trippe (2009-13, co-advisor w/ C. Reynolds; Applied Physics Lab, Staff)
- Stacy Teng (2010-11, co-advisor w/ R. Mushotzky; Institute for Defense Analyses, Research Staff)
- Marcio Melendez (2011-15; STScI, Staff)
- Francesco Tombesi (2014-2017, assistant research scientist; U. of Rome "Tor Vergata", Assistant Professor)